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fountx puts expert knowledge
in your hands.

Imagine there was a way to quickly and easily maximise the skills of your existing technical staff; a way to avoid the costs of non-operational equipment or platforms; a way you could instantly access expert technical support anywhere in the world.

There is.


what is fountx?

fountx is unique, wearable technology that connects your onsite operator with a technical expert anywhere in the world, in real time.

Using a blend of advanced technologies, fountx gives maintenance workers in remote locations access to a virtual pair of expert eyes and hands to guide them through complex tasks.

The shared environment fountx creates is so natural it is like the expert and the operator are working side by side. 

With fountx, a wide range of aircraft maintenance and engineering tasks become faster, cheaper and easier.

Some key advantages of the fountx system are:

  • You can undertake repairs and maintenance without the need to fly a specialist to site, saving time and money.
  • You can deploy an operator with only minimal training to perform highly specialised tasks, making even junior technical staff more productive and useful.
  • You can reduce aircraft maintenance downtime and improve service quality, adding directly to your bottom line.
  • You can effectively and efficiently train large groups of staff and enhance training outcomes.
  • You enhance the quality and scope of technical support as the expert can access information and resources from their office that they could not access onsite. 
  • You can be assured that if a specialist is required on site they will be well prepared before they leave, making them more efficient when they arrive.

The benefits of fountx all add up to significant cost savings for your operation; savings that deliver right to your bottom line.

based on world leading research

The advanced technology behind fountx was developed by world leading experts at CSIRO, Australia’s premier industrial research organisation.

fountx draws on augmented reality (AR) and human-computer interaction (HCI) technologies, combined with many years of groundbreaking human factors research. This research has been validated through real user trials with major organisations in diverse technical environments.

brought to you by
an organisation that understands your needs - TAE

Australasia’s largest turbine engine MRO, TAE is proud to make this unique technology available to the global aerospace industry.

As an end user just like your organisation, we appreciate how this technology will benefit our customers, as well as our own business operations.

At TAE, we will use fountx to reduce maintenance downtime and improve service quality for our large customer base worldwide. By reducing our customers’ downtime and costs, fountx will help us fulfil our company promise – we keep you flying.

key features

Unlike wearable technology designed for entertainment or the consumer market, fountx is purpose built for use in complex industrial environments.

The fountx system comprises an operator station and an expert station.

The operator station features a head-mounted unit with a wearable display positioned above the eye and out of the user’s normal field of view. By using a near-eye rather than an in-eye display, fountx can deliver the immersive benefits of augmented reality without affecting the user’s spatial awareness. This makes it safer to wear when performing complex tasks.

The expert station runs proprietary software that allows for fully immersive real-time communication. The range of interaction and intuitive gesturing is greatly enhanced with fountx, delivering a natural user experience unmatched by technologies of its type. The expert station can run as a standalone computer or be connected to your network to integrate with existing systems. It features an optional rugged travel case for use on the go.

Head mounted unit
Expert station
Head mounted unit
Transportable Expert Station
Hard hat with head-mounted unit

  • fountx will launch in 2016. Because it has many advantages over existing technologies, fountx is already sought after by those who have seen the technology demonstrator in action. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using fountx in your organisation, please register your interest below.


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